Overcome Your Life Obstacles: Ancient Stories Secretly Teach us with the Threshold Guardian

If you’ve ever been alive (which, if you’re reading this, I assume to be true), you’ve faced obstacles. In fact, your life is most likely riddled with obstacles, dead ends, and false starts. But fret not, because part of being alive is the act of facing – and overcoming – life obstacles.

Luckily, overcoming a life obstacle is easy. That’s because the ancient stories we’re all used to (The Illiad, The Odyssey, etc.) have secret meanings and teachings that actually tell us how to overcome our life obstacles.

Pretty cool, huh? And the best part? Many of these ancient stories are thousands of years old, and their lessons are verified and proven.

So, in this article, we’re going to discuss the following:

  • What is a Life Obstacle?
  • What is a Threshold Guardian in Ancient Stories?
  • What Does a Threshold Guardian Represent in Your Life?
  • How Can a Threshold Guardian Help You Overcome Your Life Obstacles?

How to Focus on the Art of Fulfillment Over the Science of Achievement

This is a syndicated post originally written for Launchpad, one of my self-development clients. Enjoy!

Nearly everyone knows about the work of Tony Robbins. In fact, not to brag or anything, but Launchpad itself was created by performance coaches taught by Robbins.

One of the most important things that Tony Robbins teaches is the idea of “creating a breakthrough.” To Robbins, a breakthrough is anything that gets you closer to your ultimate goals and also helps you live a life of fulfillment.

It’s a two-parter. A breakthrough can be defined as goal achievement, sure. But if the goal achievement isn’t coupled with greater fulfillment, the goal wasn’t a breakthrough after all.

According to Tony Robbins, anyone can have a breakthrough if they consistently answer the following three questions:

  1. What do you really want?
  2. What’s preventing you from having it?
  3. How do you change your life now?

Each of these questions is extremely important in their own right.→ CONTINUE READING

How To Hack Your Way Into a Career You Love (With No Previous Experience)

What if I told you that you could hack your way into any career you want without any experience? You’d think I’m crazy.

But what if I told you that I’ve already done it? What if I told you that the steps I’m about to outline are verified and proven?

Would you listen? Would you read on to learn more? I sure hope so.

One of the most important things in life is to find a career you love. Unfortunately, most of us never find this elusive job. Instead, we graduate with a “practical major” and begin working in a “practical career,” all without ever wondering what we actually want to do with our lives.

This hurts us much more than the daily pain felt walking into the office of an employer we despise. Each day, month, and year we spend working on a career we’re not in love with takes us further and further away from a career we might actually enjoy.→ CONTINUE READING

You’re Always Going to Judge Yourself so You Might as Well Do it Right

Being judgemental is a fact of life. We’re always judging other people, and quite frankly it’s making us all worse off.

That person in line at the grocery store, you know, the one with acrylic nails, yeah, she has terrible tastes. The driver who cut you off on the freeway, he must be a terrible driver. That friend who complains about her boyfriend, she must have a shitty home life; my life is most definitely not like hers.

But what’s worse than passing judgment on others? Who is the last person you should be judging? Well, you of course.

We judge ourselves harder than anyone else in the world. It’s us who has the acrylic nails, the terrible driving record, and the shitty home life. It’s us who don’t stack up against others, and it’s us doing the judging. Effectively, it’s us who determines that we aren’t worthy and that we should curl up into a little ball and die.→ CONTINUE READING

This is the Best Way to Improve Your Life

This is a syndicated post originally written for The Life OS, one of my self-development clients.

People are constantly searching for an edge. In the competitive world we live in, the difference between “good” and “great” is like night and day. Those who work hard on consistent improvement often outlast those who neglect personal development.

It’s not necessarily that the most talented people win. Rather, it’s a case of dedicated people making lasting improvements in their lives that result in a better and more fulfilling life-situation. Plus, you only ever “win” at life if you’re happy. So in reality, you’re only playing the game of life against yourself.

Doesn’t it make sense, then, that if you’re only playing against yourself, you should work on improving your life in areas that result in greater happiness and fulfillment? Only then do you “win.”

Trust me, it makes perfect sense.

Build, Measure, Learn Feedback Loop

If you’re committed to improving your life, the question then becomes: What’s the best way to do that?→ CONTINUE READING

The Only Three Steps You Need to Find Money and Happiness

I was asked to give a speech at the San Francisco State business fraternity last week. I’ve done it before, and since I happened to be in the Bay Area at the time, I was happy to oblige again.

However, I knew that my talk this time around had to be different. My last speaking engagement with the fraternity happened about two years ago when I’d just started my first company – which failed. Anyways, at the time I didn’t know it would fail, and I was pretty full of myself. Thought I was pretty hot shit.

I gave the students a bunch of fluff and bloviated about “dressing for the job you want” and other real gems like that. I’m sure they got some value out of it, but it wasn’t a valuable talk. I knew that this time had to be different.

What can I give these students that’ll help them post college?→ CONTINUE READING

Owning a Car Isn’t Always the Best Option

Alright, this week’s article is a little different. Normally, we dive into the deep unknown of the human psyche and how it relates to living a better life. Today, however, I want to challenge the status quo. I want to turn society up on its head.

I’m talking, of course, of the benefits and drawbacks of owning a car and not owning a car.

It may seem like it’s coming out of left field, but my interest in this comes from a desire to question “the traditional path.” Why does everyone own a car, especially now that there’s a multitude of available ride services and similar options? Why do people tell me that a car lease is a bad investment, yet most of the people I know lease their cars?

Questions like these ensure you’re living life the way you actually want. It’s important to question seemingly known truths to test their validity.→ CONTINUE READING

Why You’ll Always Compare Yourself to Others (And What You Can Do About It)

We live in an interesting time. Social justice warriors have taken over our media channels. Tweets get scrutinized, Facebook posts are seen as gospel, and sound bites are taken out of context.

We’ve all gone soft, to some extent. Now, I’m not saying that emotional vulnerability is a bad thing. On the contrary, I think being honest and congruent with yourself is mandatory.

But we’ve taken things a step too far. Today, equality and inclusion are at the extreme. Of course we want a more inclusive and equal society. Everyone deserves a chance to make something of themselves. But when comparative equality reigns supreme, we’ve all gone a little off our rocker.

Just ask the Soviet Union.

This is Why You’ll Always Compare Yourself to Others

Let’s conduct a thought experiment. How do you know if you’re successful? Seriously, try to answer the question.

For example, let’s suppose that your definition of “success” is a six figure salary.→ CONTINUE READING

Your Life is a Pattern of Failure and Success

Syndicated post originally written for The Life OS, an interactive tool that helps with personal development

A recent study conducted by the University of Scranton found that 92 percent of people who set New Year’s goals fail by January 15th. This creates a chasm between where a person is now and where they want to be in the future. They can see the other side, but for whatever reason, they can’t seem to get there.

Picture yourself standing on the precipice of personal growth with two potential paths to take. One leads down a road you already know. It’s a cycle of repeated past actions that have led you to the present. The other is a road you’ve never traveled. It’s a path of new activities that send your future into the unknown.

One is fueled by recurring patterns of past failures and the other is driven by new patterns of future successes.CONTINUE READING

Is Your Startup Looking for VC Financing?

Syndicated post originally written for Xcelerate Financial, one of my clients

Make sure you consider the items below when deciding on opening a new round of financing. Your business will thank you.


It might be the fallacy of conviction, but founders are quick to believe that their business idea is amazing. And it very well might be. But, there’s a huge difference between an “amazing business idea” and an “investable business.”

VC firms are looking to return value to the fund’s limited partners (LPs). They also are mandated to deploy all of the fund’s cash over a four-year period, after which they go through another round of fundraising in order to raise capital and invest again. This means that VC firms are looking to invest their cash quickly, and for a high return.

All VC firms look for a multiple times return on the capital they invest.→ CONTINUE READING