Make Time Work For You

– View your life as a journey
– Look at your calendar as a roadmap of your life
– Treat daily tasks as stepping stones that will lead you to your ultimate goals
– Don’t worry about time! Enjoy the moment while being aware of where you’re headed

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Give Your Employees a Voice

Perception is reality…or is reality perception? Regardless of semantics, perception and reality seem to go hand in hand. In life as well as the workplace, one common reality is impossible. There are just too many people. Each individual person you meet has their own unique view of the world – their own personal paradigm – from which they see reality.

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Knowledge and Naiveté: The Outsider Effect

“Our thoughts are shackled by the familiar. The brain is a neural tangle of near-infinite possibility, which means that it spends a lot of time and energy choosing what not to notice. As a result, creativity is traded for efficiency: people think in literal prose, not symbolist poetry.” – Johan Lehrer, Imagine

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Scale Your Public Perception

– Public perception has a snowball effect
– Focus on running your business with well-being as a core value
– Leverage press releases, word of mouth marketing, and character-based hiring processes to get the word out

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Process Oriented and Goals Driven

– Success is a direction, not a goal
– Goals are important, but so is the process of getting there
– Love the present moment and use it to fuel your passion and drive
– Remember: take pride in the fact that you improve yourself incrementally every day

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The Power of Equity

– Understanding the power of equity is essential to breaking out of a traditional 9-5
– Average people may call you crazy, but choosing to take more equity over a higher salary is a smart play
– Always make sure that you view your time as an investment; what are your returns on that investment?

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“Door Number Three” Syndrome

– Don’t be distracted by “door number three”
– Taking advantage of an immediate opportunity can lead you to even better opportunities
– When you have the option to take an immediate opportunity or wait for a future opportunity, take both!

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The Entrepreneur’s Fallacy

– The entrepreneur’s fallacy exists, make sure you don’t fall into its trap
– Believe in your guiding vision and have confidence in your skills and abilities
– Just because something seems obvious to you DOESN’T mean that it’s obvious to everyone else

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