The Peak: Before the Dip

– Your emotions will wax and wane; don’t worry, this means you’re human
– Let your emotions drive you, but don’t let them control you
– Try to remain even keel; don’t get too high and don’t get too low
– Every aspiring entrepreneur will face the dip at some point in their journey, you are not alone
– Use the peak as an opportunity to see your potential pitfalls and overcome them

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The “If They Come, You Will Build It” Strategy

– “If you build it, they will come,” is a strategy that only works in the movies
– Your number one business goal should be to build trust among your customers
– Build that trust by creating a strong communal bond with your customers
– Leveraging a blog, podcast, or networking event is a great way to start building that community

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Fear vs Pivot

– understand fear vs pivot
– Sell by being a servant to your customers
– Don’t be afraid to pivot, but don’t let fear be the cause of your pivot
– Our path to entrepreneurship will be a hard fought battle. Persevere!
– In our desire to become entrepreneurs, we shouldn’t lose sight of why we aspire to become one

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The Entrepreneurial Juggling Act

– View every obstacle as an opportunity to gain skills
– Make sure you attend Automobile University on a regular basis
– When you are thinking about becoming an entrepreneur, make sure you are focusing on sustainability and scalability

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