Knowledge and Naiveté: The Outsider Effect

“Our thoughts are shackled by the familiar. The brain is a neural tangle of near-infinite possibility, which means that it spends a lot of time and energy choosing what not to notice. As a result, creativity is traded for efficiency: people think in literal prose, not symbolist poetry.” – Johan Lehrer, Imagine

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Process Oriented and Goals Driven

– Success is a direction, not a goal
– Goals are important, but so is the process of getting there
– Love the present moment and use it to fuel your passion and drive
– Remember: take pride in the fact that you improve yourself incrementally every day

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“Door Number Three” Syndrome

– Don’t be distracted by “door number three”
– Taking advantage of an immediate opportunity can lead you to even better opportunities
– When you have the option to take an immediate opportunity or wait for a future opportunity, take both!

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Don’t Worry About Being the Captain

– A business needs many people to make it run successfully, but only one strong leader
– Every position within a business is equally important to the success of that business
– Own your current role and carry out your job function to the best of your ability
– Aspiring to be a leader is a good thing, as long as it doesn’t hamper your current position

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Quantify Your Happiness

– It’s not always best to take emotion out of a business decision
– When you do factor in emotion, make sure you aren’t being driven by it
– Ask yourself the question: How much is you or your business’s happiness worth to you?

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Leverage Your Skills And Succeed

– Take inventory of your skills and background
– Position your skills so you become a valuable asset to an industry where your passions lie
– Find something you love and use your skills and background as a vehicle to get you there

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In Retrospect, Everything Happens For a Reason

– Aim for work-life integration, not work-life balance
– View your life in it’s seven parts; make sure you aren’t neglecting any one part
– Positive daily actions in your life will become a habit and will lead to success
– Learn something new everyday
– The smallest positive change in your life can set you up for a lot of success down the road

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Fear vs Pivot

– understand fear vs pivot
– Sell by being a servant to your customers
– Don’t be afraid to pivot, but don’t let fear be the cause of your pivot
– Our path to entrepreneurship will be a hard fought battle. Persevere!
– In our desire to become entrepreneurs, we shouldn’t lose sight of why we aspire to become one

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The Entrepreneurial Juggling Act

– View every obstacle as an opportunity to gain skills
– Make sure you attend Automobile University on a regular basis
– When you are thinking about becoming an entrepreneur, make sure you are focusing on sustainability and scalability

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