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evan tarver headshot

Hi, my name’s Evan Tarver and I’m a writer and business owner with background in finance and technology. I spend my career searching for actionable information on living an optimal life, testing what I’ve learned and sharing what’s worked (and oftentimes, what hasn’t).

Starting with a business blog in 2013, I’ve written articles, books and screenplays on ideas meant to help people better themselves and those around them. Pragmatic topics are typically addressed via nonfiction articles or books, while more abstract principles are often expressed through scripted entertainment.

Currently, I head up ETVentures, a company that creates topic-specific content websites as well as TV and film projects providing information and insights related to optimal living. I serve as CEO of SellingPower.com, a member website, and was the former GM of Fit Small Business and TheClose.com.

Here, you’ll find my personal articles on self-improvement, business, finance, health, and philosophy. You can also find a running list of my books and TV and film projects. Check LinkedIn for more information on my career, join the community below for my latest articles, and follow my Twitter for passing thoughts.

/Optimal/ (adjective): The best or most favorable; the most satisfactory.

When discussing an “optimal life”, most believe that you mean an “optimized” life. However, while optimization optimal are related, they are not the same. Rather, an optimal life is one in which you optimize for the right things.

Optimizing for the right things means identifying the life-areas that bring you joy and maximizing those areas. For this reason, an optimal life is different for everyone. For me, focusing on the following leads to a more enjoyable life:

  • Personal health, both physical and mental
  • Relationship with your spouse, significant other or romantic pursuits
  • Family, friends, community and others in your sphere of influence
  • Wealth, financial security and time ownership
  • Career and the overall fulfillment it brings

I therefore spend much of my time learning, testing and sharing ways to optimize these life-areas. Most of the content I create relates to self-improvement, health and wellness, personal finance, business and career, and philosophy. Think of them as breadcrumbs for optimal living.

However, I caution that this is my definition of an optimal life. I encourage you to poke around and define optimal living for yourself, and then focus on maximizing each of your chosen areas.

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