Evan Tarver Photo

Evan Tarver is an author, nonfiction writer and editor, screenwriter, and small business owner with a background in finance and technology. Launching a nonfiction blog addressing startups and small businesses in 2013, Evan has gone on to write nonfiction books, sci-fi and historical fantasy fiction novels, and screenplays for TV and film.

He currently serves as General Manager (GM) for fitsmallbusiness.com, developing long-form and actionable content that helps small business owners solve acute problems and grow their companies. Additionally, Evan builds niche content sites in topic areas like philosophy and personal finance while continuing to develop TV and film scripts across multiple genres, developing timely stories with relatable and humanizing characters.

Overall, the content he creates is meant to shift the way people think and encourage them to act. Some of his ideas explore the social environment on the macro level, some of his ideas explore the transformative power of personal growth on the micro-level, while most of them fall somewhere in between.

For more information on what he’s currently working on, feel free to reach out.