The Benefit of “Fly By” Meetings

– Meetings are important, but don’t dedicate your day to them
– Implement efficient “fly by” meetings to disseminate information and discuss strategy and tactics
– Rather than holding company-wide meetings, hold company-wide “Q&A” sessions as a follow-up to you fly by meetings
– If you are speaking in or leading a fly by meeting, think ahead about how to get your message across quickly and efficiently
– Remember: meetings are supposed to maximize efficiency, not take up your day

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Don’t Worry About Being the Captain

– A business needs many people to make it run successfully, but only one strong leader
– Every position within a business is equally important to the success of that business
– Own your current role and carry out your job function to the best of your ability
– Aspiring to be a leader is a good thing, as long as it doesn’t hamper your current position

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Quantify Your Happiness

– It’s not always best to take emotion out of a business decision
– When you do factor in emotion, make sure you aren’t being driven by it
– Ask yourself the question: How much is you or your business’s happiness worth to you?

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Leverage Your Skills And Succeed

– Take inventory of your skills and background
– Position your skills so you become a valuable asset to an industry where your passions lie
– Find something you love and use your skills and background as a vehicle to get you there

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Working 8 Hours or Getting Your Work Done?

– Hire employees for their unique abilities and cultivate that uniqueness
– Focus on work efficiency, not work hours
– By giving your employees flexibility and freedom you will increase their productivity and efficiency
– Hire the type of employees that would thrive in a flexible work environment
– Be a mentor first and help your employees grow

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In Retrospect, Everything Happens For a Reason

– Aim for work-life integration, not work-life balance
– View your life in it’s seven parts; make sure you aren’t neglecting any one part
– Positive daily actions in your life will become a habit and will lead to success
– Learn something new everyday
– The smallest positive change in your life can set you up for a lot of success down the road

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Michael Porter: Strategy is Choosing What Not to Do

– Every business deals with competition beyond direct rivals (five total)
– Analyze the five forces and how they relate to your specific industry
– Implement a strategy that allows you to take advantage of these 5 competitive forces
– Remember that the point of strategy, and therefore strategic competition, is to earn profits
– Aim to be unique, not the best

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